Honor’s $550 V30 Smartphones Are Here to Kill

V30 Smartphones

Honor just announced the V30 and V30 Pro models of its cellphones. These V30 smartphones are priced mid-range to upper middle range, and pack in a number of features that will leave users craving for a new laptop. Huawei had announced a little while ago that it is now capable of bringing 48 megapixels of camera and a hole-punch selfie camera, to be precise. It also comes with a 6.57 inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera that will pair with the 32 megapixel unit.

Why Huawei’s new cellphones are its new bet

Honor is banking on the device to a large extent and it will continue to market it more aggressively than its competitors. The cellphone comes with a number of other interesting features. It supports a 4,100 mAh battery with 40 watts charging capacity. Honor revealed that its new battery can start from zero to 52 percent in a very short period of time.

They say that to raise a child, an entire’ village’s efforts need to be come into play. Similarly, to build the Honor smartphone, the company had to seek the help of a number of professionals. If you have recently decided to purchase an Honer cellphone, make sure that it is safe and protected before you buy. In the end, we trust the company geographically closest to us to thwart other competitors.

Should one weigh Huawei’s processors?

As per design, the smartphone has a slim and sleek design that will impress even the most critical of critics. However, it needs to borne in mind that the new design comes with a limited period of warranty, which will not be honored if there is a physical damage. It probably makes sense to invest in a robust new laptop in the end.

The V30 Pro costs a whopping $550 for a model with 12 GB storage and 8 GB RAM. The model with 256 GB storage costs $600 and is not drastically more expensive than its cheaper counterpart. If one can afford, it makes sense to purchase the more expensive model during the Black Friday. There are bound to be many discount coupons in the coming few weeks.