Turn Your House Into The Enterprise Deck For 30K USD

Sure, you might really like Star Trek, but do you like it so much you’d spend 30 grand in turning your house into the ultimate tribute? Because we know someone who did just that.


This is what fan Line Rainville did with some extra 30K she had laying around when presented with the issue of redecorating her house: theming the whole thing after the USS Enterprise and the Star Trek universe! No matter how much you like Star Trek, we think she’s got you beat.



Rainville went where no man has gone before and added from small details and logos to flat out the complete Enterprise set as seen throughout the TV series. Now that is some love for sci-fi.



We’d like to see other fans come and contest this. Maybe theming a house after Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing, or Lost’s island… that one is easy, on top of everything, you just gotta stop mowing the lawn.




Source: Viralnova

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