Protect Your Identity with the HuMn RFID Mini Wallet

Contactless identity and credit cards are undeniably more convenient than their older counterparts, but by using them people expose themselves to what is known as identity theft. HuMn, an RFID mini wallet that is currently available on Walyou Deals at a discounted price, can give you some peace of mind, as it protects your cards and ID from RFID readers.

Contactless smart cards and IDs require the reader to be at a very small distance for the data to be picked up. However, that hasn’t stopped numerous hackers out there from stealing credit card numbers and identities. Thus far, the only way to keep them away from your sensitive data remains to block the radio frequency-emitting cards from being intercepted by using certain materials. This is exactly the principle on which the HuMn mini wallet is based.

In terms of design, the HuMn (which I assume is supposed to sound like “human,” while also bringing – non-existent – chemical elements to mind) is very sleek and minimalistic. Basically, the wallet is made out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that’s power-coated with a durable matte black finish. The straps keeping the cards and the aluminum plates together are made of polyurethane rubber that’s extremely durable and can maintain its elasticity for a very long time. Those materials, coupled with the small dimensions of just 3.8″L × 0.1″W × 2.53″H, make the wallet extremely lightweight, as it tops the scale at 1.6 ounces. Regarding the dimensions, the wallet is slightly larger than a credit card, so it will fit without any problems in your jeans or shirt pocket.

It’s those aluminum plates that protect your contactless smart cards from being RFID skimmed by evil hackers. That’s everything you need to become invulnerable to identity thieves.

Now that most things can be paid using a credit card (and it looks like we’ll ditch those, too, for our phones in the near future), there’s really no need to carry a lot of cash with you. Still, if you need to do it, HuMn can accommodate several bills, along with a few credit and loyalty cards. To minimize the thickness of the wallet even more, you can leave the loyalty cards at home, while making sure that you stored the details of each one of them in a mobile apps. There are plenty of alternatives for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone, so there’s really no reason to carry those around anymore.

Originally, the HuMn RFID mini wallet costs $59, but within the next three days, you can get it in our store, Walyou Deals, for just $36.99, which is 37% off. Keep in mind that it can only be shipped to continental US only, and that the item should be delivered between December 29 and January 1. Anyone concerned about the safety of their sensitive data shouldn’t think twice before finding a way to protect it, and the HuMN RFID wallet is definitely an affordable way of achieving that.

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