Swing Copters 2: The New Game From The Flappy Bird Developer

Infamous Flappy Bird developers Dotgears are back with a new game titled Swing Copters 2, which is releasing today on Android!

Swing Copters 2

Picture Via Droidgamers

Remember early 2013 when Flappy Bird took the world over-night and it seemed all people could talk about was that? The infamous team behind one of the most addictive games of all time, which in turn sparked an endless amount of clones and copycats who attempted to recreate the formula, are now back with a new project dubbed Swing Copters 2. This game is a sequel to their previous Swing Copters, and has all of the style marks that made Dotgears games such a huge hit among the mobile gaming community. These games all appear to be incredibly easy as they only require one button to control, but hide an incredible of difficulty under the surface – death inevitably comes, and comes fast. Luckily, there are basically no loading screens, and you can jump back into the game right away which only makes it even more maddening, as you’ll grow obsessed with it in no time. That’s exactly what a mobile game should do anyways, right?

In Swing Copters 2 Dotgears are keeping much of their iconic pixel-art style, and the one-touch does everything interface which makes their games so simple yet so enraging when we fail. Just like the previous entry of the Swing Copters series, players will control one character wearing a head-mounted helicopter system as if it was a regular cap, and players have to tap to the sides to help him avoid obstacles and change directions because there are some mighty hammers spinning all throughout the stages. Of course, one hit kills you, but you have infinite lives to overcome that non-issue.

Unlike Flappy Bird, this game features some characterization and story, with many playable characters (Spinki, Fabi, and Pinki) who have to now face the hurdles of adulthood and get real jobs. What’s more, each description goes into great detail so you get to know and care for these characters, and you can read all about it in the Swing Copters 2 official website. Just like Swing Copters and Flappy Bird, Swing Copters 2 is completely free and can be downloaded from many places such as the Play Store or Amazon.

Via: Droidgamers

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