Credit Card-Sized Micro-Phone Was Made to Fit in Your Wallet

Maybe sometimes it’s sufficient for a phone to place and receive calls, and act as a locator, in order to be smart. At least that’s what the developers of the Micro-Phone seem to think.

This is particularly the case if you need to know the location of your child or some older relative… at all times. Or if you suspect your better half of spending time with an even better half than you. There, I said it! Seriously now, we all know people who not only could not make use of a 5″ display, but they wouldn’t be able to handle the features of a Samsung or HTC flagship smartphone (I’m not going to mention the iPhone, and Apple knows why!) If a super-charged smartphone is an overkill for the aforementioned categories of people, the Micro-Phone, instead, would be perfect.

Besides functioning as a locator, Micro-Phone also has very small dimensions and a weight you might not even feel. More precisely, it’s 5.5mm thick, 54mm wide and 85mm tall. As though that wasn’t impressive enough, this phone weighs only 40 grams. These numbers make it perfect as an emergency phone that you could place in your wallet and forget about it until it’s needed.

The Micro-Phone was developed by Australian and Chinese companies. It is said to operate in the 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz bands, provided that the SIM card supports them. This is definitely not the first phone we see with gigantic keys, so that elder people and kids can use them easier. Senior phones are widely available, and if I remember correctly, even Motorola had a try at creating a phone for this market. However, this is the first one I see with a locator. That function is useful for both kids and elder people. It’s also very easy to use, via an app that would be installed on iOS and possibly even Android.


The tiny mobile device with a great idea made from Indiegogo a temporary home where its developers hope to raise the funds necessary for mass-producing this interesting gadget. The early birds will get a basic Micro-Phone for $39 and the version that comes with locator for $69. Provided that the developers get the $50,000 that they need, the backers will get their Micro-Phones, and the others would probably find these tiny gadgets on the shelves of various stores for $89.

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