i-Spy Privacy Tablet: because these contents are mine alone

The relationship between a person and the Internet is best enjoyed one on one, without anyone meddling, and that’s what this is meant to ensure.


A group of Japanese creators have been working with an interesting hack that renders the display of a tablet invisible to everyone but the owner. The idea is that by taking out one of the polarizers in the display and putting them on a pair of glasses instead, the content will only be seen by whoever is wearing the glasses. This concept is being applied to an Android tablet, a modded iPad Air and a 42? LCD monitor. Privacy at all costs.

While we don’t know the specs of the tablet yet the screen is supposed to look completely white unless you’re wearing the polarized pair of sunglasses included with it. The tablet will include a polarizer (depicted in the initial pic) in case you’ve had enough privacy and want to show something to someone else. If you’re excited to see this product hit the market, be sure to check their Kickstarter page where a pledge of $99 will get you your own i-Spy.

Via Technabob

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