Man Plays Vader’s Imperial March on Washing Machine

If you are the kind of person who dislikes doing laundry, you just might change your mind after reading this.

A Star Wars fan has uploaded a video in which he uses a sleek washing machine to play Vader’s Imperial March with the help of the gadget’s buttons. The video is really short and it actually makes me wonder why this video got so popular.

Probably, the guy can invest more time in building the tune to last for a longer time so that Star Wars fans have something to listen to, if they were bored of the original version of Vader’s tune. It is surprising to see that the washing machine that he uses has a lot of buttons. This gets one thinking if the guy was actually playing a tune or was just trying to figure out how the machine works, choosing not to touch the manual like most people do anyway.

This suspicion arises because the video is really short and before one can try and fit the sound to the original tune, the washing machine ballad approaches its end. You could also go ahead and take a look at how this bunch of dogs sings Imperial March. Take a look at Legend of Zelda on Marimba as well, if you like exotic instruments.