Black and White Final Fantasy VII Figurines

It’s been a while since we heard anything coming from the guys at Square Enix with regard to Final Fantasy installments.

While nothing official is out yet, an artist has gone ahead and created a diorama of sorts that depicts many characters in Final Fantasy VII with the help of black and white figurines. They almost look unreal and for a minute the figurines can be confused with pencil sketches. There is no information about how the figurines were created and what materials were used to create them.

Nonetheless, they look really beautiful and it would be an amazing thing to copy this task and try and recreate with the help of paper, cardboard, coal and some black ink. I am not sure if that is all that is required or if you would also need some kind of 3D modeling knowledge. The figurines are too detailed and interesting for a person to have built them with bare hands. I suspect some 3D technique being used in the process and some really high quality stationary.

Final Fantasy VII probably is one of the most successful video game installments in the last couple of decades. The role playing video game has given rise to a cult like following that remains faithful even after years after the last installment was released. The game is rather engrossing and there are several online communities dedicated to this game where gamers interact with each other and share tricks and cheats related to this video game.

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