Inebriator, The Incredible Robot Bartender

We’re one step closer to living life like the Jetsons, as now we can get robots accurately preparing drinks for us humans. We’d like to toast to that.


Making cocktails is hard, unless you know what you’re doing, and the best way to always have a perfect-made drink would be to have it automatically calculated and prepared. Sounds like the perfect task for a robot, or so must have thought the people who created The Inebriator. Let’s just hope it’s not linked to Skynet, otherwise, let’s get ready to get alcohol poisoning.

The Inebriator mixes cocktails using an Arduino microcontroller to do the deed, and is pre-programmed with 15 different drink recipes the guests can choose from. So far, it’s not for sale, but someone crafty enough might get some good ideas to create their own seeing the original posts in the link provided above.If you build one, be sure to let us know! Also, check below to see a video of the Inebriator in action.

Source: Oh, Gizmo

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