A Good Case of New Media Addiction: 8 Internet Vices You Can Hardly Avoid [Infographic]

Fact: The Internet is addictive. In all truth, it can bring out another side of our normal-selves (like you were ever ‘normal’ to begin with) through the drug-like temptations of Web 2.0.

This infographic of Internet Vices, created by artist Patrick Moberg, details those temptations. Included are Tumblr, which is compared to a bottle of wine;  Twitter, the crack cocaine of the Internet; Youtube, equaling a few shots of tequila; Vimeo aka a tab of good acid; Facebook is a vodka cranberry (yum!); Myspace is, to the user, like sniffing spray paint to get high; Digg is like taking bong hits of weed (so true!); and using Gmail is like using caffeine pills.

Which is your internet vice and are you addicted?