Crux Case Allows iPad To Act As Laptop

One of the truly neat things about the way the iPad was designed is that there are all sorts of different cases and protective sleeves that will fit the device.  The best of these are more than just protection and also perform a useful function as well.

While some people are already wondering just what the iPad 3 will have and what it will be able to do compared to the other two iPads that came before it, others are well aware that what is currently on the market is all you really need.  Of course the longer the iPads are out and the more cases are released, the better they are becoming.  Most recently we’ve seen talk about ECS‘ new iPhone dock that makes the iPhone act as though it is an iPad and while that’s not precisely the same thing, there are those cases that allow iPads to work as though they are something else such as the Crux 360.

The Crux 360 is currently one of the best iPad cases around thanks in large part to the many different ways it will actually make you able to use the iPad.  Of course, first there is the simple ability to protect the iPad as a case.  However, thanks to the fact that this particular case comes with a keyboard that syncs up with the iPad through bluetooth, you can use the iPad and case as if the device was a smaller laptop.  But if that was the extent of the Crux 360 then it wouldn’t be much different than a few other cases.

What makes the Crux 360 so useful is that the part that actually contains the iPad can swivel 360 degrees so that the case actually becomes a stand, allowing you to watch movies or television shows on the iPad all the easier.

Of course with the launch of the iPad 2, the Crux 360 had to be changed just a little bit in order to fit the newest model.  The Crux 360 has now been updated to fit the iPad 2.  The Crux 360 for both the iPad  and iPad 2 will be available for shipping this July and both models are getting pricetags of $149.  Check out the video to see the Crux 360 in all its glory.