Walmart Now Selling the iPhone 5C for 97 Cents

As rumours of the iPhone 6’s release hot up, Walmart starts to sell its predecessor for under a dollar.

iPhone 5C

There’s something quite remarkable about the way that Apple do things. Despite their operating systems being available as a free upgrade on each of their products and despite the changes to their phones being largely being incremental year on year, the Cupertino, Calif. based company still manages to sell shedloads of iPhones each and every annum. So high is the furore around the iPhone 6, for example, that people are willing to believe that an iPhone clone running a clunky, unresponsive and frankly embarrassingly poor version of Android is that very phone, despite it not having being officially released yet. The one time that Apple’s stifling ability to keep selling iPhones was stunted last year however, when they released the iPhone 5S and “budget” model the iPhone 5C alongside one another with the iPhone 5C being a good handset that just failed to garner much interest. Now though, getting an iPhone 5C is a great decision because it’s dirt cheap.

Walmart is the store that we can thank for this cut price iPhone 5C. Unfortunately the 5C didn’t sell quite as well upon release as its bigger, more expensive brother, partly because although Apple marketed it as a “budget” phone, it would still cost you several hundred dollars albeit without the fancy design or the much lusted after fingerprint scanner. That said though, the iPhone 5C is still a valuable purchase if you’re interested as its innards are just as fast as the iPhone 5S’ but, as witnessed by the headline, with none of the cost.

It’s unclear how long Walmart will continue to sell the iPhone 5C at this low price, although it’s presumably until they either run out of stock or until Apple stops making them. For now though, you can pick it up for 97 cents (down from $29) on a two year contract with either AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Sprint or Verizon. They’re offering a similarly bargain deal on the iPhone 5S, having slashed prices of that model to $79 (down from $99). The only catch is that it’s not available online and you’ll have to go into a Walmart store to take advantage of it, but it’s probably still worth it if you’ve got a spare dollar around.

Source: Mashable

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