iPhone 8 Dummy Model Leaked Edge-to-Edge Display, Invisible TouchID

It’s a new day and we have a brand new leak of the alleged iPhone 8. This time it is a dummy model of the iPhone 8 straight out of the CNC machine according to Benjamin Geskin. He has brought out quite a lot of photos and all of them look very interesting. Many of the purported features are present and it looks more like the Anniversary Edition. A lot of us are expecting a revolutionary design change from Apple while still sticking to the roots in some aspects. Let’s take a look at the dummy model in detail and all of the features of the alleged iPhone 8.

The most striking feature from the leaked pictures is the edge-to-edge display. This is a true edge-to-edge display and not just on the sides. It covers all the four edges are the bezels are really narrow. A very ambitious feature is the presence of the earpiece cutout right on the display. This might be an early design prototype that Apple disregarded, but it looks stunning nevertheless.

Another major feature that will be present on the iPhone 8 is the brand new TouchID under the display. There is no physical TouchID like the previous generations of iPhones and this will be directly integrated into the display. There is no clue out there on how Apple is planning to implement this technology. But it will surely rock the entire world if they do manage to pull it off.

It is rumored that the iPhone 8 will use a vertical setup for their dual cameras and it is seen clearly on this dummy model as well. Benjamin Geskin later uploaded a few renders of the models and they look mesmerizing. He has also uploaded a schematic of the motherboard layout with 70% accuracy. Maybe he isn’t very sure about it or maybe he has taken references from the previous models, we don’t know.

A metal frame surrounds the entire phone and this looks more like brushed aluminum which won’t add a lot of weight. The right hand side houses the power button which looks a bit longer now along with the SIM tray. The left side has the usual stuff, the volume rockers and the mute switch. The CNC dummy models don’t have the Apple logo at the rear and this is an indication that this might’ve been an early production model or initial prototype that they might’ve considered.

iPhone 8 Dummy Model

We still don’t have any concrete evidence as to what the iPhone 8 will look like or the plethora of features that it will possess. Until then, stay tuned to our site and check out other rumors of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone Anniversary Edition.

Source – 9to5Mac