LEGO Announces Batwing Model Inspired by 1989 Batman Film

The Batwing has always been something of a cultural icon, and Batman fans have always drooled over this outlandish vehicle for decades. LEGO has just announced the LEGO Batwing, inspired by the 1989 Batman movie. This means Batman fans can spend their waking hours building this beautiful sci-fi vehicle’s model in their free time. The set comes with more than 2,000 pieces and looks like the right gift to purchase during this holiday season.

When will it be launched?

LEGO Batwing

The model is expected to go on sale on the 1st of November according to some tech websites. If you are a VIP member, you can purchase the Batwing set as soon as on the 21st of October. The set consists of the actual Batwing, mini-figures of Batman, the Penguin, and the Boombox goon. Although the product page describes the Joker as the penguin, some people have their disagreements already. 

What LEGO says about the new 1989 Batwing model

According to a press release by LEGO, the set consists of 2,362 pieces, and measures 4 by 20 by 22 inches when completed. The set features a special brick with the help of which you hang it against the wall. The set seems to take a nostalgic view of the 1989 film, as it brings back characters such as the Boombox goon.

LEGO Batwing

The focus seems to be on creating scenes from the 1989 film so that it becomes a sort of conversation starter. It must be noted that this model is meant for those who are aged 18 and above, as the process of building the model may require additional expertise. Customers will have access to both online and offline content.

Make sure to get this model while it lasts

LEGO Batwing

LEGO has consistently released models that have been recieved positively. This LEGO Batwing model will most likely turn out to be one of the most desired gifts this holiday season. Though it is not yet in the market, it makes sense to visit LEGO website often to make sure that you can place your order well within time. 

Batwing by LEGO

In the past, such culturally significant LEGO models have often gone off the shelves within no time. Make sure to order this for yourself or someone who is a true Batman fan. It is not an exaggeration to say this model will be an extremely valuable collectible in the decades to come. In other words, this Batwing set could easily prove to be a family heirloom. 

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