Iron Man Mark V Transforming Briefcase Suit

?Iron Man cosplay is nothing new, especially after the release of two hit, live-action films starring Robert Downey Jr. These days, everyone wants to be Iron Man, which has led to some really impressive costumes such as this one. Most are your typical suits of armor with some LEDs for effect and, in essence, that’s what this is too, but with a twist. In the movies and some comic arcs, Tony Stark often carries around a briefcase which houses his armored suit. Activating it will cause the armor to basically wrap itself around him quickly so that he’s ready for battle in seconds.

Modern technology makes things like Tony’s briefcase an impossibility, but this is the first cosplay I’ve seen that at least tries to keep that concept around. As you can see, the armor can be compressed into a bundle that is roughly briefcase sized. As you can also see, it takes a fair amount of time (and the help of someone else) for “Tony” to expand that bundle into a fully wearable Iron Man costume. Once it’s on, you can see that it allows for some very fluid movement, making it quite different from some of the more solid and clunky costumes we’ve seen. The armor itself is designed and worn by Ryan Brooks, crafted from hundreds of bits of armor and thousands of LEGO Technic blocks. This combination allows the perfect amount of flexibility and functionality while also still looking like an actual suit of armor rather than something cheap and flimsy. Naturally, he’s also included blue LEDs in the chest-piece and palms to replicate the arc reactor and repulsor rays. Overall, it’s a unique and well-executed take on the Iron Man costume trend, a design impressive in concept and appearance. If you’d like to see some other takes on the armor, don’t miss these Iron Man and War Machine Costumes or the Steampunk Iron Man Suit.

Iron Man Briefcase Armor

Iron Man Briefcase Armor 2

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