Mind Blowing Homemade Iron Man Costume

There are those who simply buy their costumes either online or from actual stores. Of course, costumes can be really costly, especially if you want to order them at a time that is not around Halloween. If you want costumes for cosplaying purposes, it’s probably best to make your own costume. That is if you have the time to do it. There is always the risk of creating an outfit so bad that you might as well have not attempted it in the first place. Then there are those people who can make costumes so great, that they are even better than anything you might find at a decent price for at a store. This Iron Man costume definitely falls into that category.Homemade You may or may not have heard of the name John Bekkensten. His official job is to sculpt for movies, and has worked on films such as “the Gladiator” and “Braveheart” so it’s not surprising that he is able to pull it off. Though, if you have the same amount of patience as he has, you may also be able to pull it off. Costumes like these aren’t created overnight. In fact, these two particular costumes had taken John over a year to complete. Home made The costumes are made out of fiber glass and plastic, and they look great. John and his friend took the costumes and showcased them through London. John chose to wear War Machines outfit instead of Iron Mans- probably because the silver looks really great. His friend got the opportunity to wear the Iron Man outfit with him while he showcased his costumes. Home made It must have been quite the site for people casually walking the London streets that day.

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Via: OddityCentral