iShuttr Turns the iPhone Into a Professional Camera

While there are plenty of apps that allow the iPad and the iPhone to do all kinds of great things, there are also plenty of accessories that make iPhones perform tasks nobody saw coming.

Of course we’ve heard all about the ECS iPhone dock that apparently on the horizon that will actually turn the iPhone into a kind of iPad looking tablet.  But really, just how special is an iPhone being turned into an iPad?  Isn’t the iPad already basically a giant iPhone already?  A designer by the name of Robert Haleluk has come up with a brand new use for the iPhone.  The iShuttr is an accesory that attaches to the iPhone and allows you to use the iPhone as though it were a professional grade camera.  No longer will the photos you take on the iPhone LOOK like photos you took on the iPhone.  The iShuttr basically turns your Apple Smartphone into an Apple Digital Camera complete with flash.  Now you can take professional pics then post then on Twitter with fewer steps.

Like most Smartphones, the LED light that flashes when you take a picture using your iPhone is great for pictures that are nice and upclose.  The problem with taking pictures is that the LED light isn’t going to extend that lighting much beyond a couple of feet.

The iShuttr, which is still in development at this point, would attach a much larger and brighter light that would allow you to take pictures from greater distances with greater quality.  Even better news is that the iShuttr case comes with a jack that will allow you to attach it and the iPhone to almost any tripod, further lending itself to professional quality photography.

The iShuttr case comes with a rechargeable and long lasting lipo battery, meaning that you can have a long day out taking pictures without worrying that you are going to run out of charge.  At the moment, the project has a ways before it gets off the ground, but the iShuttr cases are being offered for $49.99 a piece through the Kickstarter website.  There are also several other offers that will get you a couple of different iShuttr as well as mini tripods you can use with the cases.