Tech Clothing is In!

Technology has invaded every realm of our lives. So why leave behind the clothing area? It is very much here and ready to give us all the comfort and fun we can derive from it. You will definitely welcome this new range of apparels from Zegna that not only give you the comfort you seek from a piece of clothing but also helps you carry your world with you.

A device like an iPhone or an iPod is something that can be found with every second person and with it comes the need to keep it charged. How often can you charge it if you are on the move? Well there are some amazing garments that allow you to do this with great ease.

The Radiance jacket is packed with a solar panel on it back. The power of solar energy cannot be undermined and this panel makes optimum use of this energy source. It not only helps keep you warm in the chilling weather but also helps charge your devices with a USB connector. You can easily access your device through one of the front pockets.

Another great addition to your wardrobe could be the Solar Jacket. This range has an integrated solar panel on the collar. The solar panel generates electricity and this energy is transmitted to a buffer battery for storage through textile leads. Alternately you can also use it directly by connecting you device to it.

The Sport iJacket is yet another smart piece of clothing. It has been given a sport edge and is rather stylish looking. You could call it a piece of ‘communication clothing’ as it helps you stay in touch always. You can literally control your device from you jacket without having to operate it thanks to the control panel on the sleeve. Made of micro-nylon it is thermally taped to keep all the interiors secure even during washing.

A cargos fan will fall in love with the solar powered cargo pants. Though it does look more like a pajama yet its utility factor cannot be ignored. On both sides are pockets that are lined with solar panels which absorb the sun’s energy and stores it for later use. You can power up your devices with ultimate ease with these comfortable and useful cargos.

Solar power has been made use of by man since ages but introducing it into the clothing arena is a recent development. Designers have started making experiments in this direction and it would not be long before this design enters the main stream. After all every one of us needs power to keep our devices charged up.

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Via: Unplgged