Jalousier Connects Your Blinds to the Internet of Things

Proper home automation calls for every object inside a house to be connected either to the Internet or to an internal network. Jalousier is a tiny little gadget that makes sure that your blinds will never look or work the same again.

The change made by Jalousier is for the better, of course. This portable device could be considered an upgrade to automated blinds. It attaches to venetian blinds and enables you to control them from a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi. The device itself is truly revolutionary, in that it adjusts the slats depending on lighting and weather conditions, as well as on the time of the day. At first, this may look like yet another device that consumes energy, but in fact it saves a lot of time and money by automating a task that is performed at least twice a day. On top of that, Jalousier also helps you save on cooling or heating, by blocking the rays or maximizing the light and heat that enter the room.

Sergey Vinogradov, the head of the family team that developed this portable device, pointed out that Jalousier “offers endless possibilities of customization, like syncing your blinds with an alarm clock, shared access with family, and getting a reminder to look outside to see a brilliant moon or even the first snowfall of the year.”

Jalousier is not only cheaper than electric blinds, but also works a lot better with your natural rhythm. It can be programmed to open the blinds gradually at sunrise, so you can wake up gently and in as a natural way as possible. At night, it can either seal the light so you can rest in complete darkness, or it can allow the moonlight or streetlight get in.

In terms of OS compatibility, there shouldn’t be any problems, as Jalousier comes with apps both for Android and iOS. The app also enables you to create groups of blinds, for simultaneous operations.

The developers are looking to raise $140,000 on Indiegogo for mass producing the device. Securing a Jalousier is as simple as backing the project with $99 as an early bird or with $129 when the first spots are gone. Various packages are available, with the most expensive one costing $9,900. That should be enough for a few blocks of flats, as it includes 1,000 Cordboxes.

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