Jawa Garden Gnome

On the desert planet of Tatooine, life is hard. The climate is unforgivably hot and dry, there’s almost no plant life to speak of, and besides going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters, there’s almost nothing to do on a Saturday night. Still, life somehow thrives on this backwater planet, but none of it thrives quite like the Jawas. They may be little dudes whose fashion sense begins and ends with brown robes, but one look in their glowing eyes, and you know you’re dealing with survivors.

If you want to bring that same level of desert-defying intensity to your garden- and who wouldn’t- the folks over at StarWarsShop.com have just the thing for you. They’ve created a weatherproof, full color Jawa garden gnome. Priced at $34.99, it stands almost foot high and lovingly recreates one of the creepiest monsters in the Star Wars pantheon. Instead of droid parts and a blaster, this little guy’s bandoleer is filled with gardening tools. and he’s wielding the scared garden hose- deadliest weapon of the backyard Jedi. Best of all, The Jawa garden Gnome is a great way to put your traditional garden gnome loving neighbors on notice. High fantasy like Lord of the Rings may hold the box office records and get all the glory these days, but compared to the piecing stare of this Jawa garden accessory, some gnome with a pointy hat just looks stupid.

Look, he even hangs out in the ghetto!

For a Jawa not afraid to show his softer side, check out the Jawa Plush. And if you’re ready to face the Tatooine desert yourself, you’ll need a helmet.

Via: Geekalerts