Giant Balloon TARDIS: Light and Airy

Way back in 1963 a television series named Dr Who started on BBC. Its popularity grew instantly. Decades have gone by and its fan following is increasing everyday. It was not a surprise that when a contest was launched to ‘build your own TARDIS’ it got an overwhelming response.

One very unique model of the TARDIS has been created by Chris ‘Flip’ Florey. He has managed to build his TARDIS using balloons. Like hundreds of other Dr Who fans when Chris got to know of the contest he set out to create his very own structure. Using one of the most innovative ideas he completed his version of the time traveling machine using around 250 blue balloons. The balloons are exactly the color of the machine used in the television series. The windows have been done with a lighter shade of blue. The other materials used by Chris are construction paper, paint and tape.

The mere thought of having to stick together 250 balloons gives you an idea of how time consuming the task must have been. The persevering spirit of the maker is commendable here. Not only has he managed to create this life size project but has executed it to perfection. A single glance at it is enough to help you recognize this famous gadget. Another thing to be noticed here is that Chris has also managed to create a hat and bow tie for himself as well as a Dalek. After all what will a hero do without an adversary?

This balloon TARDIS was created as an entrant in to the contest on BBC. Similar to this there have been many other entrees and each one innovative and unique in its own way. However, it can be noted that this is not the first time a TARDIS replica or a model has been created by someone. Contest or no contest people have been recreating models of their very own, either for themselves or their loved ones. We have also seen this machine replicated in edible form like cakes. Such is the popularity of the show.

Creating this balloon TARDIS was just an excuse for each participant to go ahead and showcase his/her talent. When a character or an object has a huge fan following one is sure to see it replicated in real life in some form or the other. Same is the case with this ever so popular television series. Each completed model shows a feeling of pride on the face of the maker. Chris sure looks contended and satisfied standing next to his TARDIS in with a Dalek in hand.

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Via: Nerd Approved and Wheres The Tardis