Jeff Weiner to Step Down as LinkedIn’s CEO in June

Jeff Weiner

There are going to be some major changes in the executive leadership of LinkedIn in the coming months. The current CEO Jeff Weiner is going to step down on the 1st of June, 2020, and take up the role of executive chairman. Ryan Roslansky, who currently acts as the head of product, will become the new CEO of LinkedIn. Tomer Cohen, who previously worked under Ryan, will become the next head of the product team. 

Jeff Weiner’s departure may not change much at LinkedIn

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for a grand prize of $26.2 billion. Ever since there have been no major changes to either its organizational structure or leadership roles. The upcoming leadership shakeup is the most dramatic change coming to LinkedIn in the last few years. Yet, we need to remember that all the executives are part of LinkedIn, and only the roles are going to change one way or another. As the culture remains the same, users and observers may not notice anything significantly different in the way LinkedIn functions. 

Jeff Weiner explains what his plans are next

Outgoing CEO Jeff Weiner has noted that working at LinkedIn was his dream job and that he is now looking for his next role as executive chairman. However, this may be an indication that he will soon be hired by a different company as a CEO. Jeff has managed Linked In very well and has led it to become what it is today. 

Here are some of his major achievements:

  • There was a marked and steep growth in LinkedIn during his tenure
  • He helped LinkedIn to diversify its revenues into ads, subscriptions, and premium features. 
  • He also oversaw LinkedIn’s mobile policy, which is responsible for the social media tool’s success among professionals. 
  • Jeff made sure that both the website and the mobile apps had great designs, and that they are easy to use. 
  • He helped attract many users who initially were reluctant to use LinkedIn

What will be the future of LinkedIn?

As you can see, Jeff’s leadership was momentous for LinkedIn. Though he will still lurk around as an executive chairman, the lack of his leadership will be felt at LinkedIn. Many observers note that companies are looking at hiring him with a more lucrative package, now that is stepping down as LinkedIn’s CEO. As far as the new CEO is concerned, he will have the tough task of getting more people to sue LinkedIn. He will also need to focus on its engagement appeal.