Large Scale Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Model

After LEGO replicas of sci-fi warships, models are definitely the next best thing, as evidenced by this stunning Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer built by a huge fan of the famous space saga.

Building military plane and vehicle models at an early age may seem challenging, but it’s nothing compared to how difficult it is to put together a fictional starship model, especially when it’s made at an insanely large scale. Most kids get disappointed when their “final product” looks nothing alike the model pictured on the box. To bring such a project to completion, regardless of its size, you need to have a lot of patience and great attention to details. These sound like qualities someone would mention in their resume, right?

South Korean model kit builder Cho Jin Hae is the author of one of the most beautiful pieces of geeky art, a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer model at the incredible scale of 1:2,256. There may be no such thing as perfection, but this warship is as close to that as it gets. Every single aspect was taken care of to make sure that the model ends up looking spectacular.

Among the things that are worth mentioning about this model are the paint job, the lights and the impressive amount of detail. There’s no word on how long it took Cho Jin Hae to complete this model, but given the scale and the details, it must have been a very tedious job.

Additional images of the model are available here or on Cho Jin Hae‘ website. It’s really difficult to express in words just how stunning this starship looks. I must say this, though: Darth Vader would’ve been proud of this model kit builder.

Cho Jin Hae, who goes by the nickname Darth Maul in the Star Wars communities he’s a part of, also created a plaque for this model. Since the plaque says Iperial Star Destroyer, I really hope the builder will be able to modify it, since it makes a dent in the perfection of the warship.

Right now, Cho Jin Hae gets a bit of publicity on the Web (deservedly so, I might add), and hopefully that will encourage him to continue building such models. A talented model builder like him should not give up his passion after getting a bit of recognition.

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