Laser-Cut Star Wars R2-D2 and Millennium Falcon Nano Puzzles

In order to be impressive, things don’t need to have large dimensions, the creators of these puzzles seem to think. If we take Yoda into consideration, this assumption couldn’t be truer.

However, the puzzles in question are not of Yoda. R2-D2, one of the famous droids from Lucas’ space saga, has been turned into a minuscule metallic puzzle, along with Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. These two puzzles will certainly be a delight for DIY enthusiasts, as they need to put all the pieces together to get the robot and the spacecraft like they’re pictured below.

Assembling the puzzles is quite easy. Each of them comes with two metal sheets that contain the needed pieces. All you have to do is to remove the pieces from the sheets and fold them accordingly. After you bend it like Bender, preferably, or with scissors and pliers, if not possible otherwise, you should finish the nano puzzles in no time. Well, that actually depends on how much you like Star Wars, as true fans won’t even feel the time passing by when doing these puzzles, even if it takes a few hours.

One of the best things about these metallic puzzles is that there’s no need for glue, tape or solder to make sure that the pieces stay together. The designer of the Star Wars nano puzzles achieved this by using a series of small folding metal tabs.

Assuming that you managed to bend it properly, the R2-D2 laser-cut nano puzzle should measure 70mm in height, while the Millennium Falcon should be 72mm high.

The two laser-cut Star Wars metallic puzzles also come with a display stand. After spending so much time putting the pieces together, you might as well show off a little bit. I’m sure every Star Wars fan will understand this need for appreciation.

The two puzzles can now be pre-ordered from Strapya World, a Japanese online store full of geeky toys, for only $15.30 each. Some buyers complained about the fact that the puzzles don’t come with instructions in English, but as YouTube user tomonaring explains in the following video, such instructions are not at all necessary, as building the nano-puzzles is rather intuitive.


It would be nice to see some elements of the Dark Side of the Force made as nano-puzzles, or even the Star Destroyer and the Death Star. Don’t mind me, I’m just a Darth Vader fan!

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