25 Geeky Origami and Papercraft Creations

Since its boom in the early part of the 20th century, papercraft in general and origami in particular was soon adapted by geeks to demonstrate their craftsmanship and to celebrate their true passion. We have seen a number of geeky paper-based creations, like these 19 Epic Papercraft Video Game Characters, but there seems to be no end to human creativity. Here are another 25 amazing geeky origami and papercraft creations for your contemplation.

Jedi Origami


Via: Phillip West

It is hard to believe that this incredible piece of art was actually folded from a single uncut square, but Phillip West did it beautifully. The model was modified from Satoshi Kamiya’s Wizard with a lot of layers and details.

Yoda Origami


Via: Phillip West

Made from sandpaper paper back coated to tissue paper, Yoda looks amazingly realistic in his origami version. He even has the wrinkles on his face.

Battle Droid Origami


Via: Phillip West

Phillip West is undoubtedly a true Star Wars fan and a skillful craftsman. His origami take on the battle droid looks exactly like the real thing.

Yoda Origami 2


Via: Jonathan

Not as detailed as Phillip West’s creation, Stephen O’Hanlon’s Yoda origami still makes a good impression with the coat, the ears and the green color.

AT-AT Snow Walker Papercraft


Via: Source

According to the creator, the most difficult part in making this AT-AT snow walker papercraft is to balance the model, but he seemed to do it pretty well. The joints on the legs allow the walker to move freely just like in the movie.

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Papercraft


The Papercraft Star Wars Millenium Falcon, built by Shunichi Makino, is a mind-blowing piece of art that requires patience, creativity and outstanding craftsmanship to create.

R2 Series Papercraft


Via: Source

The popularity of R2-D2 often makes us forget that there are also other droids in R2 family. Shunichi Makino decided to pay tribute to the most sought after astromech droid series in Star Wars history with 3 papercraft R2 droids in their typical colors: R2-C4 in yellow, R2-M5 in red and R2-A6 in green.

X-Wing Origami


Via: Source

Alex Crosse came up with a brilliant way of making an X-Wing starfighter model out of a sheet of paper. He posted the step by step instruction here so that any interested can follow.

X-Wing Origami 2


Via: Kevin Baird

Here comes another origami piece of art of X-Wing. In the origami form, it looks pretty much like a super paper airplane with a touch of science fiction.

X-Wing and Enterprise Origami


Via: Ryan Greenberg

It’s pretty cool to have the X-Wing, your favorite starfighter from Star Wars, and the Enterprise, your favorite spaceship from Star Trek, lined up on your desk. It’s even cooler when they are both made from a single sheet of paper.

Lord of the Rings Origami


Via: Joseph Wu

Displayed at Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver are 3 stunning origami models of Lord of the Rings characters. They are created by Eric Joise from uncut square pieces of paper.

Lord of the Rings Origami 2


Via: Source

Here is another origami creation for Lord of the Rings freaks. A piece of paper was successfully turned into an amazing piece of art that features a Nazgûl in his signature long black robe riding a black horse.

Wall-E Origami


Via: Source

The origami replica of Wall-E, the little waste cleaning robot that we all know and love, looks incredibly real. It’s a wonder how his two tracks and his pair of eyes can be created with just one single piece of uncut paper.

Iron Man Origami


Via: Source

When Tony Stark was folding this, his friends kept bugging him why it didn’t look like a crane. Apparently, origami is not only about Japanese cranes. It can be used to create cheap and awesome toys like this Iron Man replica.

Guy Fawkes Mask Origami


Via: Source

This origami piece features the Guy Fawkes mask that was made popular through the dystopian graphic novel series V for Vendetta.

Spider Man 3D Origami


Via: Source

As if Origami alone is complicated enough, some hardcore artists decided to show their craftsmanship with 3D origami. For example, this Spiderman 3D Origami is made of using around 380 units of Chinese modular triangles.

Mario 3D Origami


Via: ShinyoYushiro

Created by DeviantArt user ShinyoYushiro, the 3D origami version of Mario looks extremely cute with an M cap, bigger Nose and bigger beard.

Super Mario Papercraft


Featuring Mario’s trademark pose from Wii fighting game Super Smash Bros, Ignatius’s Mario paper model is not an ordinary papercraft creation but a marvelous demonstration of amazing skills and true geekiness.

Darth Vader South Park Papercraft


It’s hard to imagine what the super villain Darth Vader and the ultra cute characters of South Park have in common, thus it’s quite amusing to see this whacking papercraft. Designed and cut by Claudio Dias, the papercraft depicts the Sith Lord Darth Vader in South Park style.

Origami Tetris Blocks


Soma Cube is a dissection puzzle where you have to arrange seven pieces of Tetris blocks into a 3x3x3 cube. It is not a simple puzzle, but Qiaochang solved it beautifully with colorful origami Tetris blocks.

Hellboy Good Samaritan Papercraft


Paper is not the best choice for weapons, but it’s a perfect material for cheap weapon toy. This is a paper replica of the Good Samaritan that the action hero Hellboy used to save the US from Nazis.

Marvel Superheroes Papercraft





We, the kids of the 1980s and 1990s grew up with the adventures of Marvel Comics superheroes, and sweet childhood memories are brought back again with fantastic papercraft versions of our favorite Marvel characters. Here we have Cyclops, Jean Grey, Gambit, Will Phoenix, Incredible Hulk and a bunch of other superheroes.