Laundry Pod Is a One-of-a-Kind Electricity-Free Washing Machine

Ever wanted to wash your clothes in an eco-friendly way without going down by the river and beating your clothes with rocks? The Laundry Pod might be exactly what you’re looking for, then.

StoreBound, the manufacturer of the Laundry Pod, claims that this electricity-free washer is the perfect solution for places where either the space is scarce or there is no electricity at all. Some of the suggestions include dorms, apartments, boats, camping sites and recreational vehicles. I might add that if the space allows it in the back of the car, this portable washing machine might be a great companion while staying at a hotel.

As seen in the following picture, the overall build quality of this green device seems to be quite sturdy. The grated walls are quite solid, and given that they have to resist the centrifuge force, that’s how they should be. In addition, the Laundry Pod includes internal storage for the draining tube, as well as a draining nozzle that must be turned when the washing cycle is complete.

Talking about the washing cycle could make one think that the Laundry Pod does everything automatically, but as with most green gadgets, the operation must be done manually. To wash the clothes, you need to place them in the washer’s container and add 6 liters of water. Unlike conventional washing machines, the Laundry Pod also saves water, besides energy. More than that, the green washer only requires half of the usual quantity of detergent. After putting everything together, the clothes should be left to soak for 2 to 3 minutes. Place the lid on top and start spinning for around a minute. When this is done, open the door, get the tube out and spin the nozzle and the handle so that the soapy water is removed. Repeat the cycle with clean water to rinse the clothes.

According to StoreBound, the device is perfect for washing clothes that would otherwise be damaged in a conventional washing machine.

Inevitably, YouTube users started pointing out how much the Laundry Pod resembles a giant salad spinner, and some suggest (ironically, to state the obvious) that people could actually use this green gadget as a salad spinner once they’re done with washing their clothes. Watch the following video to see where all this association started from.

The Laundry Pod is available on the manufacturer’s website in three different color options (white, green and gray) for $99.95.

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