Led Table: Lighten Up For Lunch Time!

Whenever you’re having a meal, you can interact with more than the food and TV. For example, you could interact and do stuff with the table itself.


Now, this LED Table by Christian Enchelmaier makes an absolutely incredible geek toy. Amongst its features, the user can:

  • Check the current time and date
  • Check the current temperature
  • Set visualizations to ambient sounds and music
  • Change the colors to fit specific moods
  • Play games (don’t think Skyrim, though, imagine stuff such as Pong)


A table like this could complete any living room and lighten up anyone’s day (pun extremely intended). If you still want to see other cool products for a geek home, check out Geeky Pac-Man Table Brings Back the 80s and Sleek Bamboo Table Saves Space.