All Hail The Blocky Droid! Lego R2-D2

It’s always great seeing some of our favorite characters represented in alternative ways, and usually, Lego blocks yield the best results.This R2-D2 surfaced from MegaCon in Orlando, along with many geeky productions. It’s pretty much life-sized, and is packed with 8-bit goodness and pixel style, basically all of the ingredients we love.

The design, although rough on the edges (hey, it’s made of LEGO, that’s the point!) respects all of the details, and colors of the original. You can bet there was a lot of pausing throughout the movies, while the author took note of the details, stripes, and marks in the droid’s body. Particularly the feet look like they required a bit of planning.

The head could have been less square, if you ask us about it, but this blocky madness actually gives it a lot of personality, so we applaud the author for doing his own thing. We bet it’s more solid this way, although we don’t know if it would fit the X-wing and remain as aerodynamic this way.

This fantastic piece won the “Best of Show MOC” for the Star Wars Celebration section of the event, and to be frank, it doesn’t surprise us in the slightest. Congratulations to the author! (By the way, author, if you’re reading this, please message us with your name so we can properly credit you).

This lead comes courtesy of our friends at Obvious Winner. If you want to see more cool representations of our pal, R2-D2, check out 16 Rockin’ R2-D2 Gadgets and our favorite, the Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Home Video Projector.