Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Now Available

The long wait for Lenovo users is finally over. The computer company has finally released their newest creation, blending lightweight yet durable construction with great performance

Lenovo, while a smaller company than some of the other big time laptop and desktop computer companies has long been known for some great products and for some truly original advertising ideas. While they don’t have an “I’m a PC” type ad out there, they did manage to put together a nice video using the Lenovo X300 to spoof Macbook Air. They also came up with a pretty memorable way to tout their face recognition software.

Still, product quality is where it counts and Lenovo is hoping that the X1 ThinkPad can lure plenty of customers over. Lenovo believes the X1 is quite an improvement over its predecessor thanks just to the fact that its more lightweight than the X301 but there are certainly more features than just how slim it is and how little it weighs. The X1 boasts twice the processor speed of the X301 and as many as four times better graphics output.

The X1 comes equipped with a second generation Intel core processor as well as Dolby Home Theater V4 speakers for fantastic sound while the high definition resolution screen will give you a crisp and clear picture. One new feature that will especially get those users who love to take their laptops to their favorite coffee shops is that the battery charging has been improved to the point that the company says it will charge to 80 percent in just half an hour. Once you do have the X1 charged up, the company says the battery should last as long as 5.2 hours before running out of juice. That can also be extended by another 10 hours by attaching a RapidCharge external slice battery

One of the best qualities is that the laptop is extremely durable, reaching military grade casing, meaning that while you don’t want to stress test it too often; dropping it accidentally won’t mean the end of your laptop. While that’s all well and good, one of the things Lenovo points to as possibly game changing is the layout of the keyboard. The X1 uses what is called a “smile shaped” key, which curves at the bottom, rather than end in a perfect square. This layout is designed to give a little more space between each key, making it harder to hit the wrong key by accident.

The Lenovo X1 is available now and is currently retailing for around $1,399

Check out the video to see a demonstration of the X1 in action.