Leonardo Da Vinci Purse Drawing Recreated in Leather

Leonardo Da Vinci left quite a lot of sketches, drawings, plans and who knows what behind him. A visionary and a man who saw the future hundreds of years before it actually happened. Although some of them are unusable, even in this day of age, a design of a purse from around 1497 was created by Italian fashion label Ghrardini.

Showcasing a unique closing system, Da Vinci designed the purse around 1497, at the time he was painting the tapestries in the Last Supper.

The purse design was taken from one of his many collections, the Codex Atlanticus. La Pretiosa, the name of the design, was strictly worked by hand using quite expensive materials.

Despite being dead for almost 500 years, Da Vinci’s works are still influencing today’s pop culture, geek culture and what not. Guitars with Da Vinci inspired works on them and a brilliant Super Mario Da Vinci inspired artwork.

I’m not too sure this will ever go into mass production, or even more than just novelty issue numbers, although it should. About the price? It’s probably out of reach for you and I and 95% of the world, but that’s the thing about high prices and brands like Made in Italy or Da Vinci inspired – Rich folk, no matter what they know about the product, will buy just because its expensive and exclusive.