The Da Vinci Unplugged Guitar: Music Meets Classic Art

If you are looking to buy a guitar and you willing to spend some hard earned money on a proper instrument, Martin Guitar is the place to start your search. The latest has just been unveiled: The Da Vinci Unplugged…

Martin Guitar itself is the “oldest, most respected, most innovative guitar in American History.” It has to be, John Mayer uses it as well.

With the market being as tough as it is, and the mainstream products always vying for the consumer’s attention, Martin & Co unveiled the 1.5 millionth Martin Guitar at the NAMM Show

da vinci 1

The team responsible for this musical masterpiece includes an inlay artist and a scrimshaw artist. Harvey Leach is the genius behind the Mona Lisa headstock, the superbly detailed Last Supper pickguard and the Vitruvian man on the back; while Bob Hergert worked his magic with the engraved illustrations. Might I just add, illustrations based on popular Da Vincian drawings. Additional finishing touches were added with mammoth ivory inlaid into the fingerboard. The case (pictured above) was created by TKL, and again, the detail and effort that went into its creation is simply mind blowing.

da vinci 2

Chris Martin IV was quoted, saying the Da Vinci Unplugged “marks the shortest period of time taken to produce a half million Martins.” Bear in mind, Martin Guitar unveiled several milestone guitars over the past couple of decades, including the 500 000th in the early 90’s, the 750 000th in 2000, and more recently, the one millionth in 2004. Seven years along the line, and the Da Vince Unplugged certainly has big shoes to fill.

When considering the amount of time, effort and passion that went into the creation of the Da Vinci Unplugged, it becomes clear that Martin Guitar understands and respects the consumer market, as well as being equipped with the necessary skill and craftsmanship that has been its trademark since 1833.

da vinci 3

Some of the other artists who should also be mentioned, include Tara Mitchell, who is responsible for engraving the gold tuning buttons as seen in the image below; as well as leather artist Chuck Smith, who created and donated the hand crafted leather strap.

da vinci 4

Not only does the Unplugged feature the work of Leonardo Da Vince, it is a superb piece of art itself, testifying to the skill and passion of its creators. It was after all Da Vinci himself who said: “Live life as a work of art.”

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Via: Martin Guitar