1939, Meet 2012: “Keep Calm …” Ads

It’s usually funny when old-school advertising gets modernized and re-done for the current times, and that’s what happened to this 1939 campaign poster. 1939 was a strange time for Europe, finally understanding that they were headed towards WWII, unavoidably. This was the time when political propaganda and posters were one of the most effective ways to reach out to the masses, if only to say “join the army” or “do your best”.

One of these pieces of propaganda from this era, created in England, had been lost for around 60 years and was re-discovered in the year 2000. It said nothing but “Keep Calm And Move On”, which was supposed to raise the morale of the people in the event of a German invasion.


The poster doesn’t seem too reassuring, but hey, different times, everyone. It was based on that poster that Indian designer Manish Mansinh, created a collection with inspiring typography posters. We might not have to fear the Germans anymore, but despite that, there are still things people can do to feel reassured. Here are some ideas.

Twitter Version


PC Version


Office Version (The Boss Is Coming!!)


Blogger Version


This is for everyone currently fighting SOPA and PIPA. Fight the good fight, everyone!

Google Version


Angry Birds Version

Keep-Calm-Angry Birds

Manish Mansinh created both geeky and non-geeky posters (our of which we chose the geekiest ones, here). If you feel like seeing the rest, just head over to his website. In case you want to see other great ads, check out Minimalist Super Mario Bros: Character Avatars and Super Heroines Fight Crime And Breast Cancer.