LG G Watch Comes to France in June for €199, Will Cost $199 in the US

LG France spilled the beans to French site Les Numerique regarding the launch and the price of the G Watch.

A few weeks ago, LG showcased the final design of its G Watch, which had only been featured sparingly in the Android Wear promo video. Now, the French subsidiary of the South Korean tech company apparently revealed the price that the G Watch will carry at launch, respectively €199. Judging by how gadgets are usually priced on the two sides of the pond, it’s easy to assume that in the US LG’s smartwatch will cost $199. The difference of about $76 is represented by taxes, and I will take advantage of this opportunity to thank the EU for making our lives easier… NOT!

The Android Wear promo video showed two smartwatches: a rectangular one that ended up being LG’s G Watch, and a round one, Moto 360, which was spotted in a video a couple of days ago. While I do think that a rectangular case makes much more sense when it comes to smartwatches, a round dial could make the transition from a classic design to a smart device. Despite all that, LG claims that it might still consider launching a rounded version of the G Watch, probably just for the sake of variety, since the functionality would not be altered.

Probably one of the best things about LG’s G Watch is the fact that it does not have any buttons. All of its functions are easily accessed via the 240×280 pixel 1.65-inch touchscreen display.

In terms of memory, the G Watch is not exactly impressive, as it comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Still, that is enough for a smartwatch, especially since the CPU isn’t actually built for multitasking.

If the predicted US price turns out to be true, then we’ll assist to a South Korean battle on the American continent, since the Samsung Gear 2 carries the same price tag. Aside from the slightly different technical specs, there is one important aspect that differentiates the two: LG G Watch runs Android Wear, while the Gear 2 is based on Tizen, Samsung’s proprietary mobile operating system.

Once the G Watch gets launched, a new era will begin for smartwatches, and the only sad thing is that Apple is not joining in… NOT!

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