Tokyoflash Launches Kisai Radioactive and Vortex Wood

Tokyoflash never ceases to impress with its cryptic ways of telling time. Each of its designs seems to be a riddle that takes a bit of time to get the answer, and these two are no exception.

Kisai Radioactive Wood and Kisai Vortex Wood, as their name suggests, are available in a natural dark sandalwood case with a matching strap. While most watch makers turn to steel or plastic for their timepieces, Tokyoflash proves to be a tad more original and classy. With that being said, there still are several differences between the two models that could determine future owners to prefer one over the other. The differences result not only from the design, but also from the way the time is displayed. The name of each product is suggestive, in this case, too, with one looking a lot like a nuclear control panel, while the other one resembles a time vortex a la Doctor Who.

The watchmaker reminds people that due to the natural properties of wood, the watches may appear lighter or darker in real life than in these photos. In other words, not only is this a limited edition watch, but each one of them will have a unique color and grain.

Gone are the days when you had to swap the battery of your watch with a new one. Tokyoflash’s timepieces come with a built-in battery that recharges over USB in 3.5 hours and lasts about 1 month, depending on usage patterns.

Unlike some of their more complicated designs, Kisai Radioactive Wood is quite easy to read, so if anyone asks you what time it is, you will be able to give an answer quickly.

Vortex Wood, on the other hand, poses a challange. With such features as two time zones, seconds, date, alarm, animation, LED light-up, audio feedback and touch screen operation, this timepiece is well worth the money.

This particular watch is available in two version, depending on the color of the display.

Hence, you can opt for a blue or red LED, depending on your taste.

Since it comes with a leather band, it is far more easy to adjust than the Kisai Radioactive Wood, and in my humble opinion, it even looks better.

Both Kisai Radioactive Wood and Vortex Wood can be purchased at the special release price of $109 (€97, £69) until 24th September at 11am Japan time. It is possible to get an additional discount of $4 by

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