LG GizmoPal Phone Tracks Your Kids, Answers Parents’ Call Automatically

It may be interpreted as overprotection, but up until a certain age, kids should be supervised closely by their parents, to make sure that they’re in a safe environment and in good company.

LG GizmoPal, which was announced today by Verizon, acts as a phone and a GPS tracker, even though apparently it’s nothing more than a wearable that straps around the wrist. Well, in the case of kids, safety gadgets should be designed to look as inconspicuous as possible, so that they do not attract the looks of wrong persons. On the other hand, now that LG got involved in this niche, it’s safe to assume that its competitors will start making similar products, as well.

This safety gadget has a single button, and frankly, that’s all that it needs. You wouldn’t want your kid to be all day long on Facebook or Twitter, so at an early age he’s better off with a display-less device such as this one. Using a device on all the wrong things would also drain its battery, and that’s also a thing to consider. As Verizon explained:

“Using the GizmoPal app on your smartphone, you can see the GizmoPal’s location on a map, via GPS. Plus, you can receive location notifications at scheduled times, such as when your child’s bus typically arrives in the neighborhood.

The kids phone is easy to use and is the perfect companion for kids ages 4 and up. It fits securely around the wrist, is durable and water resistant, and comes in blue or pink. It even plays fun sounds and speaks the current time.

Simply manage GizmoPal’s settings using the GizmoPal app. Update or change contacts at any time. Change the volume. Check battery life and more. The app is compatible with smartphones using Android™ 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher.”

As with toys and games, such safety gadgets should have an age range stamped on the package, as some parents forget how long to use it and they end up calling their children in their early twenties five times a day. We wouldn’t have gotten very far as a species if all parents were overprotective of their children.

LG GizmoPal is already available, and if you want to buy one for your kid, you’ll have to shell out $80, which is really an OK price, considering the alternatives.

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