LG’s Optimus Pad Adds New Size to Tablet Ranks

Mobile World Congress is bringing a lot of beautiful tablets out this year, but perhaps the most interesting in terms of size and performance, is the LG’s new Optimus Pad.

This 8.9-inch tablet adds a new category of screen real estate between 7” and 10” tablets of this first generation of devices. Even more awesome is the fact it still manages to pack a Tegra 2 processor in there along with the ability of 3D and 1080p recording thanks to the world’s first 3D camera made for a tablet (glasses are necessary to view  the content on the G Slate). If you stack all that with stock Android Honeycomb, you have one fun medium-sized G slate.

LG's Optimus Pad 3D Camera

The Optimus also has HDMI output and micro-USB, so hooking it to your 3D/HD TVs and swapping files shouldn’t be a problem. Engadget managed to get its hands on with the Optimus at Mobile World Congress and said they crashed a few applications in the process. Nevertheless, this doesn’t seem to happen in the video, and gestures/swipes as well as 3D video recording look rather smooth. Take a look for yourself.

LG's HDMI and Micro-USB

We love the fact that 3D and 1080p were added in one tablet, and LG’s Optimus is actually a really beautiful, outrageously thin, and curvy device. But the question remains, will 8.9 inches really satisfy your average video-obsessed gadget lover? This remains to be seen. We have a feeling those with the dough to invest  in a tablet may splurge a bit more for screen real estate like Motorola’s Xoom or Samsung’s new Galaxy Pad 10.1. That said, it is a nice middle market additive with some arousing features.

The Optimus Pad should be available in March, with various price rumors of around $700.

Via: Engadget