This Life Sized Mario Kart Could Be Yours

Are you the kind of guy that drives on the freeway trying to dodge banana peels? Were you terrified when your little brother painted your turtle blue? This might be right up your alley.


Ever since the original SNES game came out, Mario Kart has been one of the most popular Nintendo franchises in existence, providing both casual and hardcore gamers with hours of endless fun as they drive in their kart through some recognizable and not-so-recognizable stages. And some time ago, Nintendo had commissioned the creation of two life sized Kart, one just like the one Mario drives and another themed after Luigi’s Bumble V. People were expecting it’d be used only for promotional purposes, but turns out it Mario’s Kart could end in your garage.


These bad boys here were created by auto shop West Coast Customs (you know, the ‘Pimp my Ride’ guys), and are currently on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Still, the bit that will interest fans and geeks the most is that Mario’s ride is eventually going to a geek’s home, maybe even yours. To be eligible for the give-away, you have to be a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member, and buy or trade something throughout December. Easy enough, right? Oh, if only Skyrim had come out one month after, we’d be in already… good luck the rest of you!

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