Lifebook X2 Concept: The Future of Portable Notebooks

Remember how bulky computers used to be? Not anymore! Even with the developments in laptops and netbooks today, tech companies continue to push the limit by making computers smaller and smarter. The Lifebook X2 notebook is an innovative concept that multiplies portability fourfold.

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 5

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 6

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 1

Designer Park Hyun Jin came up with this notebook that is thin and that can fold into quarters. In this way, the storage space needed is reduced by half, allowing the user to carry the Lifebook X2 in a small purse or clutch bag. Talk about stylish and compact.

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 2

Interestingly enough, this foldable feature provides even more possibilities for the notebook. If you unfold the Lifebook X2 halfway, you have a widescreen palm top computer with a touch screen as your keyboard. Even when you don’t have enough work space such as a tabletop, you can still use the Lifebook X2. This makes the concept notebook a smart device for computing on the go.

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 4

Lifebook X2 Folding Notebook 3

When the notebook is unfolded completely, it reveals a full screen with a keyboard and touchpad. According to the designer, the visible seam across the center of the LCD screen is a necessary but a dismissible part of the concept. You probably won’t even notice it’s there.

The Lifebook X2 is only one of many exciting upcoming devices that are soon to take the world by storm. It is not hard to imagine how much smaller and more powerful the laptops of the future will become.

Another futuristic concept worth checking out is this Windows netbook with a slide out keyboard. Also, this folding Keystick keyboard concept takes portability to a different level. Aside from folding your laptop, why not try rolling it to make it compact and easy to carry? That may soon be possible with the Rolltop, a rolling laptop concept.

Via: Yanko Design