Doom II on Pocketbook 360

E-readers are great for catching up on your reading without lugging your book collection everywhere. But some times you just want to take a break from puzzling over “Gravity’s Rainbow” and shoot some demons.

The Pocketbook 360 allows you to do just that. Someone has managed to figure out how to run “Doom II” on the small device. This version is based on PrBoom, an open source engine that can run “Doom” game files.

Pocketbook360 Running "Doom II"

The display is black and white, but the game seems to play really wall. It looks a little slow, but still quite smooth on the Pocketbook 360. I’m amazed that the game runs as well as it does, given that the device was designed for reading e-books instead of playing games.

It’s still a great hack, and reminds me of how far technology has come. I still remember having to load a boot disk in my 386 in order to get the original shareware version of “Doom” to run, and this should be fun for people who want to relive the glory days of ’90s PC gaming.

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Via: Slashgear