Light Bulb Inspired Edison Alarm Clock

I do understand that light bulbs and alarm clocks have nothing in common, in fact they are two completely different things from two different phases of our lives, but David Krawczyk, a designer just managed to combine both these regular household items into one super cool Edison Alarm Clock, why you ask?, well, just because it can be done!

Edison alarm clock1

The working principle behind this innovative alarm clock is that the alarm circuit is completed when you insert the respective bulbs into the respective time slots, so when the time on the clock matches the time you set on the alarm panel you are set to get up on time.

Edison alarm clock4

Although it looks more like an eighteenth century antique timepiece, it is still more of a modern day electronics marvel. The two huge bulbs on the top indicate the time in a unique fashion, also the clock face can be illuminated which makes it almost too perfect for the job of an alarm clock.

Edison alarm clock3

You set the time for the alarm using two smaller bulbs, one for the ‘hour’ section and the other for the ‘minutes’ section; in my view the alarm panel, although quite difficult to use, is still pretty cool and fun, I mean this is perfect kind of geeky alarm clock and I would definitely get one for myself.

Edison alarm clock2

Edison alarm clock5

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