Amazing Batman and Robin Batmobile Replica

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, many of us are probably familiar with Batman. Even now, Batman is one of the most iconic comic book figures in history, with derivative and multiverse counterparts. Perhaps one of the most famous icons which people associate with Batman is the Batmobile. The nostalgia behind the Batmobile is probably why California designer Jay Brett created this replica model of the Batmobile.


The design on it looks really cool. It’s a bit different from the Batmobile we all know and love, but then again, all of the Batmobile iterations have been at least a little different. This design is pretty amazing though, and while it may not be quite the same, it still looks very cool. In terms of the detail, the Batmobile has got a lot of cool little features.


The metallic finishes give the Batmobile a swifter feel, which comes with custom front bumper, and the chrome strips along the side of the vehicle, and the wheels are Formula 1 style, which is appropriate for a high-speed vehicle like the Batmobile.


Along with the detailed front bumper, the mechanics are also reminiscent of the Batmobile in “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin” with the blue lights and light-up engine. Overall, it gives it a kind of authentic feel.


Its cockpit also looks amazing, with the details and the little things that make it just look and feel right; like the Batman icon on the steering pad, and the high tech instruments that, while not perfect, would resemble the cockpit of the Batmobile, so it worked well, design wise.


The overall look is sleek, and has the authentic feel. It also looks the part, so much so that no one would guess that its base material isn’t actually all that attractive.





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