Come Aboard the World’s Longest Moped

Everyone has been witness to the long limousines that famous and elite people travel in. These grand cars are looked upon with great awe and admiration. Everyone somewhere in their hearts nurse a dream of traveling in them- at least once! But it is time now to move on to something brand new. With the limousines already in the limelight they are not something unheard of. However, what is now creating buzz is the world’s longest bike.

Something like the longest bike does sound a little unthinkable but when you take a look at it you will realize how true it is. And yes, it is fully functional with a load bearing capacity of 25 people – in one go! That would mean a whole lot of saving on fuel.

Claimed to be the world’s longest motorcycle, this two-wheeler has been designed and built by British plumber Colin Furze. This Lincolnshire based plumber has managed to built this amazingly long motorbike measuring upto 72 feet. To bring together this piece he made use of one-and-a-half 125cc mopeds and an extended aluminum frame.

Furze admitted that when he was driving the bike he did find the bike to be a bit too wobbly. It was a little difficult to manage too. In fact, initially it was not easy to balance the bike at slow speed but once he got the hang of it, things became easier. Steering the bike is also not an easy task due to its extended form and can be a strain on the arms too. In his words, “it is really built for Roman roads” as it requires about six widths of a road to turn. Nevertheless, after facing all the difficulties with a strong perseverance Furze went ahead with his creation and managed to drive it with all confidence. Surprising, he managed to drive this bike at a remarkable speed of 35 kilometers per hour.

Furze plans to send his creation for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest bike. To do so he was required to drive the bike for about 100 meters but instead he succeeded in going over a mile. All that he now needs to do is send his video to the authorities and wait for his new record.

He already is holding the record for developing the concept of the world’s fastest mobility scooter which can race up to 71mph. Furze is very certain that his latest creation will be awarded the status of the world’s longest bike as the current record is held by a 14 meter bike.

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