Star Wars Gorgeous Low Poly Scenes From Star Wars, Game of Thrones & More

Gorgeous Low Poly Scenes From Star Wars, Game of Thrones & More

Things look beautiful in good Low Poly graphics, and famous scenes from Star Wars, Back to the Future and Game of Thrones are quite exquisite to relive through these awesome looking graphics.

Star Wars (Death Star Chase)

For those who haven’t seen Episode IV: A New Hope, the chase does end at some point.

The graphics were made by Brazilian artist Bruno Alberto, who is publishing them from time to time on his Facebook page, Low Poly Scenes.

Game of Thrones (Hold the Door)

Makes me cry every time.

Back to the Future (Hitting 88mph)


Marty looks five years old in Low Poly.

Indiana Jones (Running away from that huge ball)

Free Willy (The only scene anyone remembers from the movie)

The thing about Free Willy is that this movie isn’t as good as you might remember it, for those who were kids when it came out. Actually, the graphics in this Gif are probably better than the visual effects in the original film.

For more cool stuff on Walyou, check out these awesome movie posters for the film geek in you, or enjoy this wonderful Star Wars pixel art.

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