Lyft Launches Campaign to Ditch Cars

Lyft campaign to ditch cars
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Lyft has launched a new campaign to ditch cars so that global warming can be reduced. To encourage more people to sell their cars, the ridesharing company has tied up with online car retailer Carvana. Those who sell their cars on Carvana will automatically get $250 of ride credits. In addition, people who sell their cars via Carvana will also get a three months free membership to Lyft Pink. Lyft Pink offers preferred pricing to those who take 2-3 rides a week or more. Although the campaign is currently valid only in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, it has attracted positive criticism from near and afar.

What should car owners do now?

To get their free membership to Lyft Pink and $250 of ride credits, this is what car owners need to do:

  • Lyft selects riders in the 3 cities mentioned above, and randomly sends emails to them
  • Receive an email from Lyft with details about the campaign. This campaign runs until December 16th, 2019
  • Decide to get rid of their cars and switch to public transportation or ridesharing services
  • Complete the sale on Carvana
  • Receive a check for your car, along with $250 of ride credits made to your Lyft account

You can, of course, get rid of an old car, purchase a new car and still get all these credits. Yet, this goes against the spirit of the campaign, which is to get people to move towards a car-free future.

Increasing awareness about greenhouse emissions may make Lyft’s campaign to ditch cars a success

It is becoming increasingly clear that car ownership is becoming a thing of the past. More people have begun to understand that their carbon footprint will drastically reduce if they give up their cars and switch over to public transportation.

In fact, climate scientists have noted that we are heading towards an apocalyptic future, and extreme weather events have become a regular occurrence for the last couple of decades. With these factors in mind, Lyft’s campaign to get people to abandon their cars and switch over to a ridesharing service is very important and crucial. 

Car ownership could be a thing of the past

Of course, public transportation may include ridesharing services as well. Industry analysts have also pointed towards the trend of Car as a Service, where people can rent cars whenever they want, in whichever model they want. For example, ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber offer on-demand, chauffeur-driven cab services.

Other companies let you rent a car for a few hours or even for days, as long as you decide to drive yourself. In case you are planning to take a long trip or do a cross-country road trip, you can still rent a car to do that. You don’t need your own car that adds to the toxic fumes that permeate our cities and towns.

Are you going to ditch your car?

With these factors in mind, we would like to know if you plan to ditch your car ever. Considering how much money you can save, it makes perfect sense to never buy a car again. In addition, you will have the satisfaction of doing something good for the world. Every little step we take towards curbing global warming is important. In fact, if you don’t have a car and think this post is not relevant to you, think again. Sharing this post on social media may encourage your friends and family to abandon their cars!

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