Microsoft Announces One Note App Update

One Note App Update

Microsoft has brought OneNote 2016 desktop app back to life with a new update. The application was released along with Office 2016. However, soon after launching the much-useful app, Microsoft had declared that it would no longer be updating it. Instead, the company had suggested that it would work on a separate desktop app for Windows 10. Now, Microsoft announced that the One Note app update brings dark mode to it, along with a slew of new features. Those who like minimalism and have access to a notepad-like application that does a lot more than just that will be very pleased.

What does the OneNote app actually do?

OneNote has received rave reviews from those who collaborate often and engage in free-form information gathering. It is particularly useful for gathering notes, screen clippings, audio files and drawings. These files can be shared on the Internet and or on an internal network. Typically, OneNote is used by editors, content managers and creative individuals who often need to collaborate with clients and staff at the same time. Though not commonly used by many others, it has a place of special importance in creative and writing fields.

OneNote App comes with a slew of new features

Let us take a look at some of the specific features that the new update comes with:

  • Collaboration gets easier on OneNote with the new update. You can include @mentions while using Microsoft Teams.
  • The app comes with improved search integration, so that you can find stuff inside notes easily
  • You can manage Tasks and create To Do lists.
  • Improved accessibility features that will help set user restrictions and permissions
  • As it is part of Microsoft’s Fluid Framework technology, you will be able to export OneNote files into other formats at your will

A large section of users may not get the new update

Again, Microsoft has left users of OneNote app for Windows 10 in the lurch. The company did confirm that it will be available until 2025, but it may not release future upgrades and updates to the desktop application. Instead, it may simply come along with Office 365 desktop installations. While this is not a big deal for most people who purchase Office 365, we need to bear in mind that many do not. Many use open source office suites that help them to manage documents, spreadsheets and presentations. For instance, a large percentage of PC owners use Google Drive and iCloud, and would rather not purchase Office 365 at all. Such people may lose out if OneNote is restricted to Office 365 installations. 

There’s an alternative to OneNote, if you don’t want to purchase Office 365

One of the biggest competitors of OneNote is Evernote. Evernote offers a freemium model in which limited storage is offered for free users, but if they wish to save more documents and files, they will have to pay up. Evernote comes with several more features than OneNote and has a better user interface. A very long time ago, we had written about how Evernote was popular on Windows Phone even back in 2011. We had also featured some Evernote alternatives for iPhone.

Even to this day, Evernote is a formidable competitor of OneNote, and continues to be a better option in many respects. If you are unwilling to spend money on Office 365, you can stick with iCloud or Google Drive, and use Evernote instead. At the end of the day, most of these note taking applications are quite similar. Choose the one that meets your needs and stick to it, as changing from application to another may lead to data inconsistency.