Magic Emotions Eyeglasses Read Expressions

It is said that the eyes are the windows to ones souls. But there are many who succeed in misleading people with expressions. You may have also come across situations when your facial expressions have defied your real feelings. Whatever be the case, if this new Magic Emotion Concept Eyewear is launched none of your expressions will ever remain hidden.

Conceptualized by Shanghai based industrial designer Yunfan Tan this eyewear is like nothing you might have come across earlier. As per his plans, the Magic Emotion Eyewear will be a means for letting people into your real feeling leaving no doubt as to what is in your heart.

As of now Yunfan is not very sure of how the entire thing is going to work but he has an idea about how it can be achieved. According to his plans these things may look like ordinary spectacles but they will have a tiny CPU, micro detector and a light form. It may still take some time for technology to develop to incorporate these elements but once achieved this design may turn into reality.

Expressions add a zing to life and it is for this reason that emoticons are inserted within messages, be it a mobile message or an email. In such case why do we restrict ourselves from expressing with our facial expressions? The Magic Emotion Eyewear is going to be a great detective of expressions as it will read the blood pressure and pulse of the wearer to detect the exact emotion and this will be clearly displayed on the glasses. Emotions will be displayed in the form of a new LED material called a lightform. Eyebrows related to an expression will appear on the glasses to reveal the feeling of the heart. However, it is necessary that the face also support what is being displayed by the Magic Emotion Eyewear. If the face and the glasses differ it will result in a bigger confusion. It will be difficult to decide which one to believe, the glasses or the face.

The Magic Emotions Eyewear is yet a concept but a funky one. It is true that it will not be concrete anytime in the near future and may take some time to turn into reality. But one thing is for sure, no matter when it appears on the scene it is going to be a fun thing to have. Even though it may not be used for reading actual emotions it will be an object of interest for one and all.

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