PoTaDos: GlaDOS Meet Potato

Plush toys have always been favorites among all age groups. They are cute and cuddly and fun to have. The delight of owning them doubles up when they come in the shape of some our favorite characters. And if you add up a feature like audio there is no limit to their appeal. Something like this can be said about the recently launched Portal 2 PoTaDo plush toy.

The Potato is an important component in the Portal 2 game where Wheatley traps all core personality traits of GlaDOS in a potato. When the robot was determined to destruct and destroy this was the best place that Wheately could think of to save all important data and take over the Aperture Science facility. The potato here is not an ordinary potato but one that can talk and this plush toy is capable of doing that as well. All that you have to do is press the yellow button on its belly and hear it talk to you. Though it cannot have a conversation with you yet it is fun to watch a potato talk.

Portal 2 is the sequel to the much loved video game Portal that was launched in 2007. Seeing its popularity soaring heights the developers decided to come up with the sequel and Portal 2 was launched in 2011. This game consists of a number of puzzles that the player must solve by teleporting characters and objects using a teleporting gun. This game has many enhancements compared to the first version with additional characters, Wheately being one of the very important ones. He is the one who helps Chell escape the test chambers and places GlaDOS’ personality in the potato battery powered module. At the same time it is Wheately who sends GlaDOS and Chell into a retired chamber which is miles underground.

Like every popular video game or movie Portal 2 also has its share of fan following who are willing to purchase merchandise related to the game. This includes apparels, toys and accessories with toys being pretty popular, especially if the toy comes in a plush form like this PoTaDo. This particular talking PoTaDo from the Portal 2 game stands 13 inches tall and is made from fleece and pipe cleaners. It has been accented with felt to give it the finishing touches. The Talking PoTaDo plush toy has been created by Tulsa based Penguinotic who has also created the characters of GlaDOS and Wheately on similar lines.

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