Gravity Stool: Innovative Magnetic Furniture

The design of stools did not evolve very much, but from time to time, people like Jólan van der Wiel insist to prove us wrong, by showing us that there is plenty of room for innovation.
The Gravity Stool was in fact Jólan van der Wiel‘s graduation project, or at least one of them. The idea behind these unique stools was to make something that combines two powers that surround us at all times: magnetic fields and gravity.

The above picture includes the final products, but to understand the creation process of these stools, you need to watch the video included below. First and foremost, we see the Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel positioning the magnets on what he calls the Gravity Tool (nice play of words between this and the resulting piece of furniture).  Next, he mixes what looks like liquid plastic resin, either a magnetic compound or a metallic powder and the paint that will determine the final color of the stool. As seen in the above picture, Gravity Stools will be available in three color options: purple, black and yellow. The entire mix is placed in the Gravity tool, and the opposing magnetic fields induce the shape.

It is almost guaranteed that no two Gravity Stools will look the same, so the ones who are interested in owning unique things should really check out these pieces of magnetic furniture. The Dutch designer claims that he started a small chain of production. Moreover, people who want to know when and where the future exhibitions of this designer will take place are recommended to check out his website. It should be noted that on such exhibitions, not only the Gravity Stools are exposed, but also the Gravity Tool.

On January 15, the Gravity Stool brought  Jólan van der Wiel the 1st prize Interior Innovation Award for Young Talent 2012, but considering the creativity of the Dutch designer, it is safe to assume that there will be many more prizes to come in the future.

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