MemoryMirror : see the mirror that changes your clothes

MemoMi have created a mirror unlike any other. The MemoryMirror allows you to see how any particular piece of cloth would look in any other color. Read all about it here!



Meet the ultimate gadget for the fashion conscious and say goodbye forever to the “which color would look best?” dilemma. The MemoryMirror is a new gadget that uses Intel’s RealSense technology, and allows users to see 360 degrees of any specific image of what they’re wearing and change the colors of any specific part of the outfit with simply gestures like opening or clenching a fist. Still, if that still sounds complicated, users may want to use a specially designed app for smartphones which can still access the entire range of possibilities in the MemoryMirror.



Another feature in the MemoryMirror is a split-screen effect which allows to see two colors of any given garment, and even compare and share with friends via email in image or picture format. This is particularly useful if you need a second opinion or can’t decide.


The MemoryMirror introduces a completely new experience when it comes to buying clothes and trying those out, as you can see how the colors look before even buying them. Whether this is a revolution, or technology that complicates a process that doesn’t need to be so hard, only time will tell.

You can learn more about the MemoryMirror in the official website, and even buy your own if this sounds like a must-have gadget to you.

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