Space Invaders now available for Android Wear

The old yet beloved Space Invaders is now available for smartwatches running Android. Meet your future time waster for Android Wear!

Space Invaders Smartwatch 1

After the last few updates to Android Wear, Google’s lightweight OS for wearable devices, the retro classic Space Invaders from 1978 arrives to smartwatches everywhere. The beloved classic from the arcades can now be played on Android Wear devices anywhere, such as a waiting room, public transportation… and the bathroom, the place where it matters the most. Obviously.

This new version of the game keeps the old pixel art aesthetic, but is completely revamped to be played without any physical buttons and uses the touch screens featured in smartwatches to both display and play the game with terrific results. The game plays fluidly and has a fantastic response which will impress even the button purists – at least, once you get used to playing in such a tiny screen.

Space Invaders Smartwatch 2

The simplicity is Space Invader’s biggest selling point, and once installed we only need to press the screen to start the game, and the aliens will appear to attempt and destroy our ship which we control with our finger, and shoots automatically or each time we press it. As players progress through the game, they will not only earn points, but also face harder challenges, just like with the original game.

This app is only available for Android Wear devices, and can be downloaded for free at Google’s Play Store. It weighs only 7.5 MB. It’s pretty entertaining, and above all, very addictive. If you have already tried it out, be sure to tell us about it in the comments section.

Download the game at Google Play.

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